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The Cue Player family of software has been helping theaters around the world give better, more consistent performances for over 10 years. A version of Cue Player is in use in well over 1000 theaters, schools, and churches. There are six versions of the software: Free - a cue oriented front end to Media Player. Pro - the first design that allowed for multiple playing sounds and fading. Now available for MacOS in the Store. Premium - the currently active design with skins, essentially unlimited simultaneous sounds, control cues to change volumes and sequencing, and use of multiple sound cards. Premium Plus - the sound control of Premium plus the ability to control video playback of images and/or video clips locally or across a network. In 2011 we introduced the companion program Cue Player Lighting that brings the same ease of control to lighting that Premium did to sound.
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What our customers say:

For your Sound: "I can't possibly say “thanks” often enough to Dave Baxter, who's Cue Player products have made theater so much more pleasant here at the Renaissance Theater in Mansfield. For me, the fact that theater software is written by a “theater guy” makes it instantly stand head and shoulders above the competition." Jerry C. - Renaissance Theater For your Lighting: "I have gotten many questions on the lighting board I am using - to which I answer, I have no physical board, but I have a wonderful program called "Cue Player Lighting" that I recommend HIGHLY. Thank you so much for your continued support of your program and the ease of use that it has. I love this software!" Austin S. - The Ziegfeld Theater
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Introducing Cue Player One!

One program to control Sound, Video, Lights, and Accessories. One cue list, one computer, one operator. Don’t struggle with Media Player, PowerPoint, or a 24 channel, 2 scene controller for your shows. Enjoy smooth, accurate, cue to cue control of everything. !